Supporting ANN in the Era of Coronavirus & Climate Change

Want to support ANN and the environment of the Applegate? The next 50 donors of $100 or more will be invited to the ANN Donor Appreciation Event on September 19, 2020 to enjoy live music and this beautiful view. The spacious lawn at a private residence in the Little Applegate Valley will allow space for social distancing. We hope to see you there.

We live in an era of turmoil and crisis. From climate change and the global coronavirus pandemic, to the policies of an administration that has slashed regulations, degraded our environment, empowered corporate and industrial interests, and dismantled the public institutions meant to protect our environment and public health. Although many of these problems are national or global in nature, they are affecting our lives here in the Applegate Valley. Now, more than ever, we need to defend the last wildlands in our region, and ANN is taking the lead in advocating for the land, forests, wildlife and streams of the Applegate River Watershed.

We all have had to alter our lives to safely and responsibly navigate the coronavirus pandemic; we all are also dealing on a daily basis with extended droughts, low stream flows, and the consequences of climate change. At the same time, many of our elected officials fail to act and our local land managers are actively promoting projects that will implement industrial logging prescriptions, emit large amounts of carbon, degrade habitat conditions, reduce climate resilience, and increase fuel loading. This means ANN has been extremely busy advocating for conservation in our valley and fighting against projects that will impact our environment.

A small rally, sponsored by ANN, opposing the Bear Grub Timber Sale. We asked participants to wear masks and practice social distancing, while still using our collective voice to speak for the land.

Due to the chaos of the pandemic, the economic shut downs, and the stay-at-home orders implemented across the country and the state of Oregon this spring, 2020 has been difficult for many individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations. For small grassroots organizations like ANN that depend on both the financial and organizational support of the local community, our typical means of public organizing, fundraising and outreach have been significantly altered. For many months, the public events, educational presentations, and hikes that typically help engage the public and facilitate fundraising opportunities for our organization have been canceled to protect the health of the public and our community.

Despite the situation with coronavirus, the tragic loss of life, the disruption of public health and safety, and the crippled economy, land management agencies like the Bureau of Land Management have continued and even accelerated the pace of commercial logging, road building and other destructive practices on our public land. In fact, they have taken advantage of these disruptions to plan controversial projects without public input, transparency or accountability. Local examples include the Bear Grub Timber Sale, Late Mungers Timber Sale and the Integrated Vegetation Management Project.

Beautiful old forest proposed for logging on Murphy Creek in the Late Mungers Timber Sale.

ANN is dedicated to defending the wildlands and forests of the Applegate. If you appreciate our work consider volunteering your time in support of our organization and its goals. You can also make a tax deductible donation to support our work.

ANN is currently working on a late summer campaign to raise $5,000, and we are offering the first 50 donors of at least $100 an opportunity to attend a small gathering in the Little Applegate Valley. The event will be held outdoors and will practice strict coronavirus social distancing protocols. Our intent is to have a small-scale Britt Festival-like experience at a private home in the beautiful Little Applegate Valley. Music for the event will be provided by a collection of currently out-of-work Oregon Shakespeare Festival actors and musicians. We will also have libations and dinner available for purchase at the event. Donate here to join us.

All proceeds will support ANN, and will help to not only protect the wildlands of the Applegate Valley, but also the forests that stabilize our global climate.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival actors and musicians playing at a recent outdoor event in the Applegate Valley.