Public Lands Stewardship Program

A group of Applegate Siskiyou Alliance volunteers and Forest Service employees at our native plant and pollinator restoration site on the Upper Applegate River.

Our Public Lands Stewardship Program works to provide stewardship opportunities for local residents and Applegate Siskiyou Alliance supporters on both BLM and National Forest lands throughout the Applegate Watershed. This program promotes a hands on approach to conservation, while encouraging our communities to build a deeper connection to this place we call home.

We use this program to bring our communities closer to the land and more directly engaged in its protection, stewardship and restoration. Our goal is to promote and implement community scaled restoration and stewardship projects including native plant and pollinator restoration projects, trail maintenance, trash clean ups, unauthorized off-road vehicle closure projects, and other activities directly related to improving both the quality of habitat and the quality of life in the Applegate Watershed.

Planting native pollinator plants along the Upper Applegate River.

Currently we are engaged in a multi-year native plant and pollinator restoration project in the Upper Applegate River watershed, working to restore a weedy meadow and river terrace into more functional native plant and pollinator habitat.

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