Wildland Protection Program


The vast Kangaroo Inventoried Roadless Area sprawls across the headwaters of the Applegate River and completely surrounds the small, but spectacular Red Buttes Wilderness Area.

In the Applegate River Watershed and Siskiyou Crest region we are blessed with relatively vast, well connected wildlands. Unfortunately many of these wildlands are either unprotected or under-protected and remain open to damaging timber sale proposals, inappropriate off-road vehicle use, irresponsible fire suppression activities, public land grazing and devastating mining proposals. 

The northern slope of Red Butte in the Red Buttes Wilderness Area.

The wildlands of the Applegate watershed extend from the arid, oak studded Applegate Foothills to the high mountain summits and diversified forests of the Siskiyou Crest. Applegate Siskiyou Alliance works to identify, document, promote, and protect the last remaining wildlands in the Applegate Valley on both BLM and Forest Service lands. In total, the region contains 18 unprotected roadless areas totaling over 190,000 acres of wild habitat. Land managers have also designated 3 Research Natural Area, 19 Botanical Areas, 2 Geologic Areas, 6 Late Successional Reserves, 4 National Recreation Trails throughout the Applegate Watershed, and a large Special Interest Area on the Siskiyou Crest.

The world famous biodiversity, connectivity and ecological integrity found in our region is heavily dependent on the protection of the remaining roadless areas, connectivity corridors and concentrations of biodiversity. Applegate Siskiyou Alliance works to both address immediate threats to these wildlands and to promote the permanent protection of all wildland habitats, connectivity corridors and biodiversity hotspots in our region.

Our Wildland Protection Program takes an active role in defending these wildland habitats from damaging federal land management project and immediate threats. We also document the incredible biodiversity found in these important habitats and work to build strong grassroots and political support for their permanent protection.

A view south from the small Boaz Mountain Roadless Area to the headwaters of the Applegate River.