Fireside Native American Storytelling with Tom Doty

Join ANN and Tom Doty on July 15, 2017 for an evening of Native American storytelling around the campfire. Tom will share stories from local Native American tribes about the Rogue River and Applegate Valleys.

Tom Doty was born in southern Oregon. His family background is Irish, English, Taklema and Shasta. His Takelma and Shasta ancestral village is at Coyote’s Paw on the Klamath River. He studied writing and theater at Southern Oregon University and Reed College in the 1970s. He began storytelling when he returned to Southern Oregon in 1981, learning the craft from tribal elders. Tom is the author of a series of Doty & Coyote books and many of his stories have been broadcast on Public Radio. In 2001 he wrote and directed a play titled, Two Sisters, Two Brothers and a Journey, a story of the Takelma people of southern Oregon. Tom travels around the region telling his stories and keeping the tradition of Native American storytelling alive. Join us!

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The event will be located at Flumet Flat Campground on Palmer Creek Road. We will have 50 camps available for overnight camping. We will also have an evening of fun, listening to bioregional stories and socializing with neighbors. The event will be free, but please consider a generous donation to ANN. More information will be announced soon. Please join us.

When: July 15, 2017 (time to be announced)
Where: Flumet Flat Campground on Palmer Creek Road