ANN: A Voice for Conservation in the Applegate Valley

The Applegate Neighborhood Network (ANN) is pleased to announce that we are now a fully independent 501c3 non-profit organization. Until recently, ANN operated as a loosely structured organization with minimal funds to support our work. We organized as was necessary to defend the values that make the Applegate Watershed so special to us all. Recently, the threats to our valley, and to public lands in general, have grown. These threats have highlighted the need for a non-profit organization dedicated full time to the specific needs of the Applegate Watershed and community.

ANN works to sustain the integrity of the environment in the Applegate Valley and surrounding areas through education, collaboration, community activism, stewardship and science. We promote community engagement in the public land management planning process. These efforts require consistent engagement with the local community; engagement with the BLM and Forest Service by attending many public meetings; submitting public comments and administrative appeals, and producing on-the-ground monitoring reports. We also organize educational events and provide the community with Applegate-specific conservation updates. Please consider supporting our work with a tax-deductible donation. All donations will directly support ANN’s conservation efforts in the Applegate Watershed.

The quality of life in the Applegate is tied to the beauty and health of our local environment. We believe that by protecting our environment we are also protecting the quality of life we enjoy in the Applegate Valley.

ANN currently has three main programs:

  1. Wildland Protection: Our Wildland Protection Program strives to address immediate threats to unprotected wildlands throughout the Applegate River Watershed. We are also working to foster a movement to secure long-term protection of wildland habitats in our watershed.
  2. Timber Sale Monitoring: Our Timber Sale Monitoring Program works to protect the beautifully diverse forests of our region. We monitor proposed timber sales on BLM and Forest Service land and use our findings to inform public comments, appeals and campaigns to either stop or significantly alter damaging timber sale proposals in the Applegate Watershed.
  3. Applegate Valley OHV Monitoring: Our OHV Monitoring Program documents the impact of unauthorized or damaging OHV use throughout the Applegate Watershed. We create detailed monitoring reports that are submitted to land management agencies and are used to advocate for closure of damaging routes on both BLM and Forest Service land.

ANN has grown from a small coalition of Applegate Valley residents into the voice of conservation in the Applegate Valley. We work to educate our community, advocate for our wildlands, defend our ancient forests and protect the streams that flow through our communities. ANN is an expression of those who live in the Applegate Watershed and love its last wild places. We are longtime community members, new residents, and the next generation of Applegate Valley residents protecting our home. Please support conservation in the Applegate Valley by supporting Applegate Neighborhood Network.

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